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Feel Like Yourself Again!

Please Watch This Interview Video


I am interviewing a Transform with Bodyneed™ Bootcamp member about their experience in the eight week Bootcamp. Please watch the video below 🙂

We’re Helping Amazing Women, Like You!


  • Do you feel that you have no time to focus on yourself, as you’re so busy helping everyone else?
  • Have you seen weight come on, and stay on, and no matter what you may have tried before it refuses to budge?
  • Do you want to feel like yourself again?

This is what I hear a lot, and certainly was my situation. Where our lives are so busy giving to other people: our children/grandchildren, our work, our parents, that we don’t make time for ourselves. We simply don’t have the time or energy to focus on ourselves and the weight creeps on, our strength and fitness decreases.

It’s easier to reach for quick fix foods. It’s easier to over indulge when letting our hair down, just to get some much needed chill time. It’s harder to make time for exercise, and our bodies aren’t moving as they used to. We may have accumulated some frustrating injuries or health issues over time.

All of us have our own sets of life stuff going on for us. What is very common for us as women when we reach 40, 50, 60 and beyond is that the years of our not putting the same love and attention into ourselves as we do for others, takes its toll on our weight, our fitness, our energy, and our health.

I’ve been exactly where you are now, and I went on a personal quest to find a solution that worked, and would continue to work for myself and my clients, like you.

I tested many different nutritional and exercise approaches, recognizing that what worked for me in my 20’s and 30’s didn’t cut it now.

Our bodies change, we’ve changed. We need something that works for us now!

Here’s what some past Transform with Bodyneed Bootcamp Members have to say…

“I’ve lost 24lbs, thanks to this Bodyneed program, and Karen! Some significant health & life challenges left me with extra weight at 50. The difference for me with this program is the balanced approach with delicious foods: and the type of exercise classes – which are perfect for my injury riddled body. I do feel like myself again, Yay!”

— Caro M

“You have to try this. It is the best ever and it works. I am 67 and it has turned my life around. Have lost weight, feel fit, and now eat healthily. I have lost 20lbs. My confidence and fitness levels have improved 100 %.”

— Marg B

Why Join My Transform with Bodyneed™ Bootcamp?!

Created for Women 40, 50, 60+

Our focus is on supporting you to thrive as you move through these pivotal life stages.

Personalized Macro Balanced Meal Plan

Delicious range of whole foods to choose from, with the aim to never be hungry!

At Home Exercise Videos

Based on natural movement, no equipment needed, fun classes suitable for all starting points.

Motivation, Advice & Support

Supporting you to develop strong, positive mind habits, along with supporting transforming your physical wellbeing.

Delicious Recipes

Lots and lots of scrumptious recipes for all meal occasions; catering to both animal and plant protein eaters!

Weekly Zoom Group Meet-ups

Weekly get togethers, so you can be supported by our team and other incredible women as you all go through your Bootcamp experience.

Private Facebook Group

Enjoy the incredible power of group support with other like minded women, holding one another accountable, and having fun in the process!

Guidance on Exercising with Common Injuries

Learn how to exercise safely, managing some of the most common injuries that crop up for us all!

Managing Our Hormonal Changes

Discover how to manage your hormonal changes so that you feel your body is working for you, not against you!

Is this for me?

With my 20 plus years in the health and wellness industry, I created a nutritionally balanced macro focused meal plan that is easy to follow and has a lot of meal choices, designed to lose weight, build muscle and be sustainable for you at your life stage now.

I also developed an exercise approach that is based on building strength, fitness and mobility, suitable for our bodies now… and is fun! We can exercise, get results and enjoy it! None of this ‘go hard or go home’ stuff, as we’ve faced enough hard in our lives already!

This is not a ‘quick fix’, or a ‘fad diet’, this is a program that will get you results quickly, and continue to deliver for you as you move confidently and capably through your life, fit, healthy and strong.

If you’ve struggled before to stay motivated and get the results you wanted in the past, this is not your fault!

So much out there about health and nutrition is targeted at younger bodies, and does not acknowledge that as we age, our bodies require different solutions. Particularly for us as women, as we go through our 40’s, menopause, and our later years.

Being here, you’ve taken the first step to making the change you want. And you know that there are never short cuts or quick fixes. It takes you making a decision, and committing to it. AND you’re not going to be doing this alone!

Your plan includes 24/7 email support from me, as well as access to our exclusive Facebook community, so you’re surrounded by supportive women like you! I’ll also be sharing some of the important Mindset tools and tips I’ve used to keep me on the health & wellness path I want to be on, as our emotions play such a big role in achieving our goals!

If you’ve tried dozens of weight loss & fitness programmes that didn’t work and are ready to finally lose the weight and keep it off for good – the time is NOW.

Are you ready to join our Bodyneed Family of amazing women who have already changed their lives with my program?

“On the Transform with Bodyneed Bootcamp, I managed to achieve steady weight loss, but more importantly tone to my body, and gain strength which I hadn't realised I had until I started using it in everyday movements such as moving rocks and building a rock wall. The mental benefits of regular exercise was also a big plus for me, I was previously a person who felt like they needed a nap or piece of chocolate at 3pm, and after a week or so, I noticed this had stopped happening. The support from Karen and the Bodyneed Team didn't stop after the Bootcamp. I am so happy I found Bodyneed!”

— Fiona J

What’s Next?

When You Sign Up You will automatically be given access to my Eight Week Online Transform with Bodyneed Bootcamp. Once we hit our limit of intake for this Bootcamp, our doors will close. It will be a case of first signed up, gets into the Bootcamp! We can not go over our limit, because this is a highly personalised program – it’s about YOU, and YOUR Transformation, so you Feel Like Yourself Again!

You Will Receive Email notification of your purchase, and of your Membership Hub Login Details. You will be emailed your Intake Document, where I ask you important questions so I can customize your Macro Balanced Meal Plan, and know what Exercise Videos should be your starting point. You will be sent within 24 hours a link to my Private Facebook Group. In your Membership Hub, you will be taken to the Welcome Page to watch a Welcome Video to show you how to navigate your Membership Hub, and to get you started, you’ll be asked to watch your Intake Videos. All gearing up for the start of your incredible 8 Week Transformational Journey! 🙂

Ready?  Okay, please click this green button and be ready to feel like yourself again!

“Love, Love, Love Bodyneed - I'm totally addicted!! If you're looking to get back into fitness & wellbeing, without feeling like a duck out of water this is the way. Karen really knows what she's talking about! You'll learn excellent nutrition, correct techniques, and your strength and mobility will go ahead in leaps & bounds. Give it a go”

— Sally W

The time is now.

You’re ready for this.  You can achieve your health and wellness goals and Feel Like Yourself Again!

Payment Plan


Total $688, split into 4 payments
  • Personalised Macro Balanced Meal Plan – Meat, Vegetarian & Vegan
  • At Home Exercise Videos – no gym equipment needed
  • Delicious Recipes – Meat & Plant based
  • Private Facebook Group with other like minded women
  • Weekly Group Zoom Calls
  • Motivation, Advice and Support
  • Exercise Guidance for Common Injuries
  • Guidance on Managing Our Hormonal Changes

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One Time


One Time


  • Personalised Macro Balanced Meal Plan – Meat, Vegetarian & Vegan
  • At Home Exercise Videos – no gym equipment needed
  • Delicious Recipes – Meat & Plant based
  • Private Facebook Group with other like minded women
  • Weekly Group Zoom Calls
  • Motivation, Advice and Support
  • Exercise Guidance for Common Injuries
  • Guidance on Managing Our Hormonal Changes
  • Transform with Bodyneed Bootcamp Valued at $1,997!

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All prices in USD - 7 Day 'Cooling Off' Refund Option!


I have allergies to some foods, will I be able to do this?

The Macro Balance Meal Plans are customized to you. Based on what you share in your Intake form, which will include information about dietary preferences, allergies/intolerances to any foods, you will receive a Meal Plan that will work for you.

Is this like Keto?

Macro balanced means you eat a balance of Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins to assist with your personal weight loss/wellness goals. Our Meal Plans  include the protein levels that women over 40 need to be consuming, in order to help them maintain/build body condition, strong bones, and give them energy – yes energy from protein! Carbohydrates and Fats are also important for supporting good health and weight loss. It is about the combination of these macro nutrients, customized for you, that makes the difference. This is not like Keto.

I follow Intermittent Fasting, can I do this, with this meal plan?

Yes you can. This Macro Balanced Meal Plan can work with any type of fasting.
Latest recommendations for menopausal women (peri and post) is to make sure you break your fast within 2 hours of waking. This is because cortisol levels are high upon waking (and at our age even higher)  – fasting prolongs and raises cortisol levels even higher. High Cortisol is counterproductive to weight loss and good health. Better to start your fasting window earlier in the evening.

I am really unfit, will these exercise videos be too hard for me?

My Natural Movement based Exercise Videos cater for all exercise levels, and relationships with exercise. When you join my Transform with Bodyneed Bootcamp, I will send you an Intake form to find out more about you, in relation to your current health, fitness, and dietary requirements/preferences. With your fitness, understanding your starting point, I will recommend the level and type of Exercise Videos in the program that you choose. Also in every Exercise Video, I offer modifications, as everyone’s bodies move differently 🙂

I hate exercise, was never any good at it, do I have to do them?

My Natural Movement based Exercise Videos cater to all exercise levels, and relationships with exercise. They are designed to be fun and fulfilling, and work with women’s bodies 40+. You of course do not have to do them. What you eat is 80% of the weightloss equation. AND Exercise is essential as we age, to support us maintaining healthy bones, strength and mobility, so we can move capably through our lives.

I've tried to lose weight before, what's different about your program?

My Transform with Bodyneed Bootcamp has been created for women that are 40, 50, 60+. I am one of those women myself, and this program has worked for me, and 100’s of other women who have participated in these programs with me.

What is different about it, is that it reflects our life stage – both with your customised Macro Balanced Meal Plan, and the Natural Movement approach to Exercise.

This is about supporting you to feel like yourself again. I do not support deprivation, or working towards a ‘perfect body’ goal. It is about supporting you to get your body to look and feel the way you want it to. To support you to build strength and fitness so you can move through your life capably, rather than become a ‘victim’ to the ageing process. It doesn’t have to be that way, for any of us.

I will add that the buck always stops with you – what you put in is what you will get back. I am there with you every step of the way. And the choices you make through my bootcamp will reflect the outcome you achieve. I will be doing everything I can to encourage you to stay the course. And our incredible community of like minded women, will also be there to cheer you and everyone else on!

I have injuries/ pre-existing health issues, can I do the exercise videos?

First up, you would need to get clearance from your Physician/Physical Therapist to exercise. Once you have clearance from your Physician/Physical Therapist to undertake exercise, I offer a series of videos on how to safely navigate exercise with common injuries. This means alternatives you can apply for your common injury type. In the Exercise Videos themselves, I offer alternatives to each exercise, because everyone’s bodies move differently.

And always, if it doesn’t feel right, if there is pain, don’t do it!

I'm going away on vacation in the next 8 weeks of this program, can I still do it?

There are a couple of options here that we offer.

Firstly, you can absolutely continue with the Bootcamp Program while on Vacation. It is all online and the exercise videos can be done anywhere with no equipment needed! As part of the program we learn how to eat well in restaurants and while travelling so a vacation can be an excellent training ground for you!

My TWB Bootcamp and Macro Balanced Meal Plan  is about creating a sustainable, enjoyable way of eating that can easily become your everyday approach to your meals, and something you want to continue on your own after the 8 weeks.

I also understand if this is really not feasible and you need absolute ‘down time’ with family/friends. In those situations, we require you to email me (once you are a customer I will send you my email address to contact me 🙂 )

Do I need Gym Equipment to do the Exercise Videos!

No you do not need to get any new Gym equipment for these Natural Movement Exercise Videos. I have created these Exercise Videos to be done in the comfort of your own home, and I sometimes use everyday items you find around the house. Such as a chair, the wall, or some books.

Can this be done completely Online, or do I have to meet in person?

The beauty of today’s Digital world, is that this is a 100% Online Program, with real people bringing it to you! Wherever you are in the world, you can participate in this Transform with Bodyneed 8 Week Bootcamp.

You might need to get used to my ‘funny’ accent 🙂  but having worked with women around the world, that hasn’t been an issue.


What if I join, and decide it's not for me? Can I get my money back?

I offer a 7 Day Cooling Off Period. We will refund what you have paid within that 7 day period. This 7 day period is calculated from the day you join (including that day), you have seven days to request a refund.

There are no refunds offered after that point.

Of course I very much hope that I, and my team create an environment that you want to stay the course with us 🙂