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Feel Like Yourself Again
Ditch Stubborn Menopause Weight For Good!

3 Simples Steps To Menopause Weight Loss For Women over 40, So You Can Kick-Ass, Live Life To The Full, Look & Feel Fabulous!

(without eating like a rabbit or spending hours in the gym)

When I hit 40, over a decade ago, I saw myself put on a significant amount of weight, even though I am a Fitness Coach! In truth, I was not looking after myself well, aided by the increased stress of having gone through losing my parents close after each other.

I wanted to feel like myself again, and became determined to build a foundation of health and wellness, that included both a nutritionally balanced meal plan that I created for myself; and modifying my approach to exercise to build the strength and capability I needed to support myself through the ageing process.

I’ve never been about ‘body perfect’, glossy magazine ready; I’m about ‘body fit, healthy & strong’, so we feel energetic and confident – which in my mind is the most beautiful body we can have! One that works for us on a day to day basis. A body we know we can rely on.

I have introduced 100’s of women: 40’s, 50’s and 60’s to my Transform with Bodyneed Program and been delighted to see the very real and measurable successes they have achieved. I always make sure we approach nutrition and exercise with a sense of fun and play, so we enjoy the process as much as strive to achieve our goals!.

I would love to help you achieve your health & wellness goals!

Certified Coach: Personal Trainer, MovNat, Pilates, Barre – Certified Nutrition and Health – Dip.Therapeutic Massage – B.A Art History

Feel Like Yourself Again

You Too Can Transform With Bodyneed!

Are you finding your weight more stubborn to shift, these days? That your strength and fitness isn’t what it used to be?

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